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Healthy Breakfast
 The LA Shape Diet The L.A. Shape Diet by Dr. David Heber - the hottest new weight loss book on the market!
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Overweight and Obesity Global Epidemic
 •  Number of people worldwide who are overweight: 1 billion
Number of people worldwide who are undernourished: 800 million
- World Health Organization, 2006

Tipping the Scales
Overweight adults in the U.S.: 127 million
Obese adults in the U.S.: 60 million
Severely obese adults in the U.S.: 9 million
- American Obesity Association, 2002

Get your Protein!
In higher-protein diets, when combined with exercise, dieters tend to lose fat rather than muscle.
- Journal of Nutrition, 2005

The Dangers of Extra Pounds
Being obese increases an individual's risk of approximately 30 serious medical conditions.
- American Obesity Association, 2002


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Health & Wellness Supplements:

Cellular Nutrition
Activate and nourish your cells for more effective weight loss, health maintenance and high energy !
Weight Management
Choose between healthy, simple weight loss plans that offer delicious options and give you results & fast !
Sports, Fitness & Energy
Boost energy and build muscle and stamina by increased absorption of nutrients with the natural drinks, bars and tablets from Herbalife!
Cellular Protection
Take preventative steps that will encrease your body's ability to adapt, as well as improve your health and wellness !
Digestive Health
Gentle internal cleansing using herbs and botanicals is an important aspect of good health. Herbalife offers a wide array of products that support healthy colon function !
Healthy Women
Be your best with Herbalife's Optimum nutrition supplements for women that address issues such as hormonal balance, energy, mood and bone health !
Healthy Children
Start your children on the road to lifelong good health with Herbalife's products designed for young, developing bodies !
Healthy Heart
Protect the health of your heart with a selection of Herbalife's supplements created to promote optimal cardiovascular function !
Healthy Men
Reach your potential with products formulated for energy, performance, stamina and even prostate health !
Healthy Aging
Supplements your diet with herbs for better bone and joint health, increased energy and added vitality !
Mood Enhancers
Discover renewed vitality with herbs that improve performance, elevate your mood or help you relax, de-stress & naturally !
Beauty & Outer Nutrition
Look terrific and feel your best with our full line of nature-inspired personal-care product for you and you family !

 Herbal life can help you lose weight

"For more than two decades, our scientifically advanced weight loss programs have helped millions achieve weight loss success. No matter what your excuse, Herbalife products can help you lose weight."

  Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB)

 • Lose the weight fast and the excuses for good with Herbalife

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** The weight loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.

*** Herbalife Products and descriptions on this site are given for the United States. In other countries these products and their descriptions may slightly differ with a name, composition and guantity.

 - Personalized weight loss programs for healthy results -
  • Formula 1 Protein Drink Mix
 Formula 1 - Protein Drink - The legendary weight control shake with Herbalife's Optimum nutrition that started it all !
  • ShapeWorks Ultimate
Weight Loss Program
 ShapeWorks Ultimate Weight Loss Programs
 Hot Buys - Complete weight loss support plus advanced nutrition.
 - Hot Buy -
 NEW PRODUCTS  New Products
 • Niteworks
 Nitric Oxide supplement
 for circulatory system
 & cardiovascular health - Niteworks helps you produce Nitric Oxide.
 • Best Defense
 - Best Defense - - An effervescent drink that boosts your immunity.
 • Total Control
 - New ! - Burn fat - Block cravings -
 - Boost energy - Ephedra Free - - Burn fat - Block cravings - Boost energy - Ephedra Free.
 • Relax Now
 - New! Herbalife Relax Now! - - Introducing Relax Now, New Herbalife's natural herbal alternative for relaxation.
 • Performance Protein
 Performance Protein Powder - Keep your protein intake in balance and your weight loss on track.
  • Strawberry Sensation!
 - NEW YEAR, NEW SHAKES ! -  2 tbs. Thermojetics Formula 1 - Protein Drink Mix, Wild Berry flavor,
 - NEW YEAR, NEW SHAKES ! -  8 oz. cold water,
 1 c. fresh, ripe strawberries,
 4 to 6 ice cubes,
 Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth,
 And enjoy...
• More Shakes...

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