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Herbalife. A healthy way of life.

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 Herbalife Online Distributor Application
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“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”
Jim Rohn,
Business Philosopher

Online Distributor Application

Start your new business today!

The Herbalife Distributor Application site allows a prospective Distributor to:
  • Apply online
  • Get your Distributor ID and PIN code online and gain immediate access to MyHerbalife.com
  • Be able to immediately place orders – no delays

Few Simple Steps:

 Enter Herbalife Sponsor ID Number Go to The Herbalife Distributor Application site * and complete the Sponsor Information
  • Please select your Country of Residence* and Language
  • Enter Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number:

    Enter access code to open Sponsor Information:

    Don't have an access code?

    Register here...
  • Select "NO" in "Purchased an International Business Pack (IBP) from your Sponsor?"
 Agree to terms Complete the application
  • Fill in personal information
  • Choose PIN code
  • Agree to terms
 Choose Herbalife Business Pack Choose and purchase an International Business Pack
  • This professional kit contains all the information and forms you need to get started.
DONE!  Go to www.MyHerbalife.com Congratulations!

Then, start using the products. Find out for yourself just how incredible the Herbalife products are!

Then, put a plan together with your sponsor and decide how much time you can commit to the business.

And finally, take advantage of the Herbalife support system, get to a local training and see the big picture! Your sponsor can get you all the information you need.

Grow and organize your business with Biz Works

Herbalife BizWorks is a powerful online business tool-set designed by Distributors, for Distributors! These tools will help you grow and organize your business online, so that you can make the most of your time offline. It's all powered by MyHerbalife.com, so you can access BizWorks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Start Today!

Thousands of others just like you have achieved success with Herbalife. Regardless of your background and job experience, you can succeed! Plenty of people who started where you are now earn substantial incomes.

Why not you?

It’s time for you to earn what you’re worth.

Go to www.myherbalife.com
for "Online Distributor Application"

* Online application available for residents of USA, Australia, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, México, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Switzerland and UK only. For please email: opportunity AT edietstar.com for further information.

 Online Herbalife Distributor Application

Join the winning team now...

  • The best compensation plan in the industry
  • A proven support system to help you every step of the way
  • Harness the power of duplication, and earn from the efforts of others
  • Cutting-edge products combining the best of nature and science
  • In-demand products to meet the growing needs of a booming wellness-oriented population
 IBP Herbalife Business Kit
  HERBALIFE Making the world healthier.

 e Diet Star: Herbalife Products, Weight Loss Programs
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