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Mark Hughes
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The Herbalife marketing plan

Herbalife offers you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of business entrepreneurship with a plan that helps you produce retail, wholesale and royalty income year after year. The more people with whom you share the products and the opportunity, the more successful you can become.

How it works: the power of duplication

Establish a solid retail customer base that brings you retail profit each month. By helping and training those you sponsor and showing them how to duplicate this process downline, you can profit from a generous bonus and commission structure paid by Herbalife on your organizational sales volume.

You are able to earn money from your own efforts and also from the efforts of those people you sponsor.  How it works: the power of duplication
 How it works: the power of duplication  The Herbalife marketing plan  How it works: the power of duplication
 How it works: the power of duplication  The best compensation plan in the industry  How it works: the power of duplication

The payoff

Herbalife’s compensation plan is one of the most generous in the direct-selling industry. It pays up to 73% of product revenues to Distributors in the form of retail and wholesale profits, royalty and bonus income, and incentives. This tested, proven business plan maximizes rewards for effort and provides immediate and ongoing income.

Five ways to earn money!

The Herbalife Marketing Plan provides many ways to earn income and other rewards.
  • $$ - Retail Profit
    25% to 50% profit from direct sales to customers
  • $$ - Wholesale Profit
    Up to 25% difference between what you pay for products and what Distributors in your personal organization pay for products
  • $$ - Monthly Royalty-Override Income
    Up to 5% on three levels. As a Supervisor you earn up to 5% on the personal volume of all of your Supervisors, three active levels downline.
  • $$ - Monthly Production Bonuses
    TAB Team can earn an extra 2% to 7% organizational Production Bonus
  • $$ - Annual Bonuses
    A bonus to top achievers in recognition of outstanding performance. Top Achievers earn a portion of the entire company sales.

     Five ways to earn money!

The best compensation plan in the industry.

The Best Products

* These are examples and not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation PDF

 The Best Compensation Plan in The Industry

Join the winning team now...

  • The best compensation plan in the industry
  • A proven support system to help you every step of the way
  • Harness the power of duplication, and earn from the efforts of others
  • Cutting-edge products combining the best of nature and science
  • In-demand products to meet the growing needs of a booming wellness-oriented population

 The Herbalife marketing plan
  HERBALIFE Making the world healthier.

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