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Protein Needs

Do I know how many grams of protein my body needs daily to maintain my muscle mass and control my hunger?

a. Not a clue.

Donít worry. ShapeWorks can help! Your ShapeWorks coach will advise you of the amount of protein your body requires by measuring your body composition with Herbalife ShapeWorks Lean-Protein Estimator or ShapeScan Body Analyzer. Then, your coach can create a simple meal plan to help ensure you get that amount of protein daily.

b. Yes.

Youíre already ahead in the weight-loss game! Youíve obviously had your lean body mass calculated with the help of a Bio Impedence Analyzer machine or other device. You might ask your ShapeWorks coach to check you again with the ShapeWorks Lean-Protein Estimator or ShapeScan Body Analyzer, in case your body composition has changed since your last reading. Then she/he can create a simple meal plan to help you get as much protein as you need daily and enjoy your favorite foods on your ShapeWorks program.


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 Soy protein
Get your Protein!
In higher-protein diets, when combined with exercise, dieters tend to lose fat rather than muscle.

- Journal of Nutrition, 2005
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