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 Weight Management The Thermojetics ® Green Weight Loss Plan from Herbal HERBAL LIFE life

When most people hear the word "diet", they immediately picture tiny meals consisting of salad, grapefruit, water and little else. These are the same people who try fad diets to lose weight quickly, only to sacrifice good health in the process and end up putting the weight back on even more quickly. Believe it or not, you can lose weight without going hungry or depriving yourself of great-tasting healthy food and you can still feel amazingly energized in the process. Herbal life Green Weight Loss plan is the last weight loss program you’ll ever need, because it offers not only improved health but lasting results ! Purchase Herbal Life Green Weight Loss products

Proven results worldwide !

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" Cellular Nutrition® and Herbalife's Weight-Management Programs "
The Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program has helped countless people all over the world lose weight and keep it off for good. Based on Herbal life’s exclusive Cellular Nutrition principles, the Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program provides the nutrition your body needs for optimal health, all the while helping you drop those extra pounds and achieve your ideal weight. And because your body will be receiving plenty of these healthful vitamins, minerals and supplements, you’ll feel better than ever ! The Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program isn’t just a weight loss plan, it’s a healthy way of life !

Why lose weight ?

Not only does the Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program boost your self-esteem by helping you get rid of those unwanted pounds, it can improve your health. Obesity not only looks and feels unattractive, it increases the probable incidence of many health problems. Overweight people are at higher risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and many other health problems. Through the improved nutrition of the Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program from Herbal life, you can feed your body the nutrients it needs to achieve and maintain optimal health, in addition to losing weight !

How it works:

You’ll replace two meals a day with the delicious and nutritious Thermojetics ® Formula 1 Protein Drink Mix from Herbal life and still enjoy one meal a day of the healthy, delicious foods you love with no feelings of hunger or deprivation. View the Green Weekly Planner Green Weekly Planner Herbal life offers a number of ways to enjoy the Formula 1 Protein Drink Mix through shakes, recipes and other tasty options ! The Formula 2 Multivitamin-Mineral & Herbal Tablets, Formula 3 Cell Activator , Thermojetics Green and Beige tablets and other Herbal life supplements supply the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy throughout and after your weight loss.*

Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Products:

The Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management Program consists of products that work synergistically to help you lose weight and get your body operating at peak performance.

Program my weight loss success:

Get on the fast track to a thinner, healthier, more vibrant you with the Thermojetics Green Weight Loss Management QuickStart, Advanced, Ultimate or Optimum Programs . We’ve put together three scientifically advanced programs that include a variety of our Thermojetics Weight-Management products, along with nutritional supplements designed to provide your body with essential nutrients for good health. So all you have to do is decide which one is right for you— QuickStart, Advanced, Ultimate or Optimumand start losing weight for the last time!
  • Quick-Start Weight Loss Program: Take the guesswork out of losing weight safely and effectively with the QuickStart Program®. Formulated with Herbalife’s exclusive Cellular Nutrition® technology, this program adds Total Control™ to Cellular Nutrition® to help you shed unwanted pounds and inches—fast— and keep them off for good.* Getting started on a new, healthier you has never been easier!
  • Advanced Weight Loss Program: Keep your weight-loss efforts in high gear no matter if it’s day or night. The Advanced Program works around the clock to give you results—fast! You’ll appreciate the added support of Thermojetics® Yellow, which helps control those pesky late-night cravings for sweets and junk food.* Throughout the day, indulge in the refreshing pleasures of Thermojetics® Herbal Concentrate, blended with uplifting herbs to brighten your spirits.*
  • Ultimate Weight Loss Program: If you want to experience the ultimate in weight loss, step up to the program that attacks stubborn fat, hard-to-lose inches and cellulite. You’ll benefit from the fat-absorbing properties of Thermo-Bond® an exclusive formula that helps keep your system regular.* Go right to the source of cellulite with Cell-U-Loss®, which can help assist in the elimination of excess fluids.* And with Aminogen®, your body will quickly digest essential proteins needed for peak performance.*
  • Optimum Weight Loss Program: This special introductory package to the Thermojetics® Weight-Loss Program features several popular products:
    • Formula 1- Protein Mix
    • Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets
    • Formula 3 Cell Activator
    • Cell•U•Loss®
    • Activated Fiber
    • N·R·G Guarana Tea Mix
    • Thermojetics Green (Green Ephedra Free) and Thermojetics Beige tablets OR New Total Control™.

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